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CryoSlimming Treatments week-by-week: Results and Experience

TREATMENT 1 — My Shirt Felt Looser

During my first Cryoskin body session (CryoSlimming), I was surprised at just how relaxing and spa-like the experience was during my treatment. I even found myself dozing off towards the end.

When I came in for my first treatment, It’s important to know I was on my monthly cycle and was very bloated. I was amazed at how much the treatment not only helped with the bloating but also the cramping I was experiencing. On top of that, I just felt as If I had a whole new stomach. 

 Immediately after my body session was done, I pulled my shirt down over my stomach — and it — to my surprise — it felt looser! I stared in the mirror and pivoted to the side to examine my profile. It looked like I had lost inches of bloat around my waist. In the days following my treatment, I felt more stretched and thinned out. I was eager for my appointment the following week.

TREATMENT 2 — Someone Assumed I Was Dieting

Immediately after my second treatment, I noticed a difference in definition, along with my love handles. They felt very taught, and the effect even seemed to trickle down to my stomach. I noticed the sides of my stomach appeared more defined. 

A friend of mine even noticed I seemed slimmer and made a comment. She said, ‘it must be because you stopped eating gluten and dairy and are less bloated. That’s what happened to me’. (I am not allergic to gluten or dairy and continue to eat them regularly) 

TREATMENT 3 — My Boyfriend & other people Noticed I Looked Slimmer

After my third session, my boyfriend and people at the gym began to notice! I was more confident wearing tighter clothes to the gym. I even started — dare I admit — taking my shirt off during workouts and wearing more shorts instead of leggings.

TREATMENT 4 — I Had Side Abs!

After my 4th week of treatments, I really felt like my love handles had transformed from love handles to defined side ab muscles. All the inflammation and fat that I used to grab at self-consciously while sitting down was downright gone! I had newfound confidence at the gym, and whenever I got dressed in the morning, I was excited instead of dreading it.  

TREATMENT 5 — No More Love Handles

My Body feels really different now- whether I'm sitting or standing I notice my side abs now and I feel the tightness. I feel more firm and toned! I noticed it every time I get dressed, jump in the shower, or when my boyfriend hugs me. The Fat feels as if it has melted away over the 5 treatments and it doesn't feel like it's coming back.

CryoSlimming gives permanent results with fat reduction. If you're looking for a way to jumpstart your weight loss journey or looking to help those stubborn areas, CryoSlimming is a non-invasive/zero downtime treatment that can help!

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